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Charge your electric car for free while parked thanks to “Park&Plug”!

At Cityzen we believe that electric vehicles are not just a trend of today, but a requirement of sustainable development. Therefore, we have introduced the “Park&Plug” recharging service in our network’s stations.

Visit a Cityzen car park and “discharge” from the stress of comfortable and safe parking of your car, whilst recharging your car batteries for free!

Whether you are already an electric car owner or intend to invest in such a purchase in the future, Cityzen already covers all your needs.

Availabe at:

Cityzen Maroussi ”Aithrio”: 40 Ag. Konstantinou str., Maroussi

Cityzen Maroussi ”Fragokklisias”: 2 Fragokklisias str., Maroussi

Cityzen ”Dikastiria Evelpidon”: Euelpidon & Moustoxidi str., Kipseli

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