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Consulting Services

Consulting Services
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At Cityzen we plan and provide personalized consulting services, targeted perfectly for the needs of your business, whether it is already operating or you are planning to “startup” from the beginning. With our consulting services, all of Cityzen’s key department employees work for you and for the maximum profitability of your business!

Providing you with our experience, our expertise, our specialization in this field, our scientific training, our business way of thinking, our personalized treatment and our personal approach every time so that you can be sure that you and your business is always have by your side what is needed: nothing less than the best.

The variety of our Services include:

  • Supervision for obtaining and maintaining all of the needed standards and necessary operational documentation for example the fire certificate, insurance coverages and tax specifications etc.
  • Application for horizontal and vertical signage, with simultaneous assessment of the guideline flow of both vehicles and pedestrians in the station.
  • Designing the correct conformation of your car park, so your customers can enter and leave freely.
  • Testing the performance of the lighting and proposals for reducing power consumption to minimize your fixed costs.
  • Reconstruction of internal and “aesthetic” interventions in order to create a modern car park which maximizes the parking experience for visiting consumers.
  • The specifications of parking equipment are defined to suit your business needs. We are able to suggest solutions for the development of a fully automated access control process and the type of equipment which is required.

Give us a call today at +30 210 6085540 and discover how our unique services can increase your profitability!

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