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Cookie Policy
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Cookies Notice

The Cookies Notice of the website (the “Website) is written in the clearest way possible, so that it is comprehensible by all the users of our Website. If you have any question regarding our Cookies Notice, please contact our Data Protection Officer at the e-mail address

What are cookies?

Cookies are short text files, usually consisting of letters and numbers and which are stored on your device by a website server.

Cookies can be distinguished in “Session Cookies” and “Permanent Cookies” depending on the time they remain stored on your device. “Session Cookies” are stored on your device when you visit a website or app and are automatically deleted, when you close your browser. “Permanent Cookies” are stored on your device when you visit a website or app and remain stored after you close your browser. “Permanent Cookies” will automatically be activated again when you open your browser again and start surfing on the Internet.

First party and third-party Cookies: Depending on the website or the domain which installs the cookie, cookies are distinguished in “first” and “third party” cookies. First party cookies are cookies, which are installed by the website that the user visits. Third party cookies are cookies installed by a different domain than the one that the user visited. If the user visits a website, and a third company installs a cookie through this website, this will be a third-party cookie.

Our Website uses the following cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for us to offer you the services you wish through our Website. These cookies are used solely for technical purposes and cannot be deactivated. They are necessary for you to be able to visit our Website and use its characteristics properly. In case they are deactivated, you might not be able to view the Website and use its functions. The Website uses strictly necessary cookies for the following reasons:

  1. Cookies which permit the use of strictly necessary cookies by the Website at all times and the storage of the user’s preferences regarding privacy and cookies. These are first-party cookies.
  2. Cookies for hosting services of this Website. These are Gauges cookies, which assist the hosting service provider, Pressable, to provide its services. These cookies are set by the Gauges service of Report Garden by Tapclicks.
  3. Cookies for the newsletter performance. These cookies are set by Rocket Science Group LLC, which controls the Mailchimp platform, used by the company for its newsletter.

Our Website uses the following strictly necessary cookies:

CookieRetention PeriodPurposeSet by
_mcid1 yearThis cookie provides access to the website and its features, including secure
_AVESTA_ENVIRONMENTSessionIs used for the subscription of new user to the
_abck1 yearChecks if the traffic is created by humans or technical
bm_sz1 yearServes for the management of the users subscribed to the
bm_sv1 yearEnhances the response time between the website and the
ak_bmsc1 yearEnhances the website security and
_gauges_unique_day1 dayIs necessary for the hosting of the
_gauges_unique_month1 monthIs necessary for the hosting of the
_gauges_unique_year1 yearIs necessary for the hosting of the
_gauges_unique_hourSessionIs necessary for the hosting of the
_gauges_cookieSessionIs necessary for the hosting of the
_gauges_unique1 yearIs necessary for the hosting of the
OptanonConsent1 yearStores information regarding the users’ preferences and consent on
OptanonAlertBoxClosed  1 yearIt is set after visitors have seen a cookie information notice and in some cases only when they actively close the notice down. It enables the website not to show the message more than once to a user. The cookie contains no personal

Performance Cookies

These cookies collect information regarding the way users use the Website, in order for us to be able to improve the Website and your experience as users. These cookies collect information regarding the way users interact with the Website, including the content they view, and the number of users.

If you do not opt in for the activation of these cookies, we will not keep track of the use you make of the Website nor will we use it for statistic purposes. The performance of the website will not be affected.

Our Website uses the following performance cookies:

CookieRetention PeriodPurposeSet by
_gid1 dayStores the websites you interact
_ga2 yearsGives you a unique, random user number, for us to collect statistic data for our
_gat10 minutes after you close your browserCounts the users who are connected anytime at our
__cfduid30 daysImprove web traffic and direct you to the closest server.CloudFare
hustle_module_show_count-popup-630 daysCounts the users who view the pop-up windows on the
hustle_module_show_count-popup-730 daysCounts the users who view the pop-up windows on the

Targeting Cookies/ Advertising

These Cookies store your online activities, including your visits to the Internet, the pages you visit, as well as the links and ads you select. One of our purposes is to make the content of our Website more relevant to your preferences. Another purpose is to be able to provide you with ads or other communications designed to be more relevant to your obvious interests.

Providing ads based on your interests may include us, our service providers, and our partners, such as advertisers, data management platforms, and demand-driven platforms. We, our service providers and partners may also add other data to information collected by these cookies, including information obtained from third parties. We may also share this information with third parties to send ads to you.

These cookies are third-party cookies.

If you do not choose to activate these cookies, no information will be collected regarding ad targeting and the performance of our promotional campaigns on social media, while the Website’s performance will not be affected.

Our Website uses the following targeting cookies:

Cookie NameRetention PeriodPurposeSet by
test_cookieSessionChecks if the user has consented to the activation of
IDE13 monthsPermits data mining for real-time ad
fr90 daysPermits ad
fbsr_166056895418737790 daysCollects information for the provision of advertisements through the Facebbok
YSCSessionRecords the embedded on the website video viewsYouTube
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE180 daysStores the user’s preferences regarding YouTube videos embedded on the website. It can determine if the user uses a new or older version of YouTube.YouTube
CONSENT30 daysCollects information regarding the way the user interacts with the website and the ads the user has viewed prior to visiting the

How to manage cookies

You can activate and deactivate the cookies our Website uses, by clicking the “Cookie settings” pop-up, which always appears at the bottom right of your screen.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but offer the option to block or delete cookies. You can activate or deactivate the installation of cookies on your device, by changing the settings on your browser anytime. You can also set the bowser that you use, so that it informs you prior to the installation of a cookie on your device or follow the instructions of your browser to delete any cookies, which have been installed on your device. If you use other devices, you must change the settings of your browser according to your preferences in each of them.

If you choose to deactivate all cookies, you might not be able to fully enjoy the interactive services of our Website or receive our services through our Website. We recommend that you do not deactivate strictly necessary cookies in any case.

Deleting cookies does not delete Flash applications files. You can learn more on Flash applications files, including their activation and deactivation on Adobe’s website.

To manage cookies through your browser, choose one of the following hyperlinks:

Microsoft Windows Explorer

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Mobile devices:



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If you are using any other browser, you can find instructions on managing cookies in the support page of your browser.

You can learn more on Cookies here:

You may delete cookies stored on your device. If you choose to deactivate all or some of the strictly necessary cookies, the website’s performance might be affected. Cityzen does not bear any responsibility for this.

How to contact us

If you have any questions regarding our use of Cookies, you can contact us at the e-mail address Please include your contact information and a clear description of your question.

Last modified on: 05/10/2022