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G-app and CITYZEN app, reward you!

With every purchase at GERMANOS stores or at, G-App ( rewards you with points, offering you discount coupons on parking or carwash services.

Only at Cityzen parking!

Follow these steps to redeem your coupon:

  • After requesting the offer from GERMANOS, you receive a promo code which you can redeem through the Cityzen App or web app.
  • Select the parking area or the G App Gift carwash service.
  • After filling in your details (station, car wash type G App Gift, date, registration number), press the button PROCEED and fill in the field: “HAVE A COUPON?” to receive the discount!


  • Redeem 400 points and get a 3€ discount on parking.
  • Redeem 600 points and get a 6€ discount on parking.
  • Redeem 800 points and get a 10€ discount on parking.

The offer applies for bookings through the Cityzen App ,through and also by using our zenParking service. zenParking is parking without pre-payment of your parking but, payment through the Cityzen app just before you exit the parking area.

The offer is available at:

Cityzen Maroussi «Aithrio», Cityzen Maroussi «Kronos», Cityzen Maroussi «Fragkokklissias», Cityzen “Dikastiria Evelpidon”, Cityzen Ilissia «Michalakopoulou», Cityzen «Volos Port Customs»Cityzen Thessaloniki Sykies.

The discount shall be deducted from the total amount, after inserting a coupon in the correct field in the Cityzen App or

The payment fee must be greater than 3€, 6€, 10€ that in any circumstance will be deducted or discounted.


  • Get a 7€ coupon and win a 50% discount on a IN-OUT carwash! Redeem 600 points ensure the best carwash, from 14€ only 7€!
  • Get a 30€ coupon and win a 50% discount on a biological carwash! Redeem 1000 points and ensure a high-quality biological carwash, from 60€ only 30€!
  • Get a 42,50€ coupon and win a 50% discount on a premium biological carwash! Redeem 1200 points and ensure a premium biological carwash, from 85€ only 42,50€!

The carwash offer is available at Cityzen «Athens Towers», Cityzen Maroussi «Aithrio», Cityzen «Emmanouil Benaki».

The offer is available by booking though Cityzen App and

The offer is available by booking with prepayment.

The offer of Premium Biological Carwash is available only at Cityzen «Athens Towers» , Cityzen Maroussi «Aithrio» with prepayment.