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Biological Cleaning

Biological Cleaning
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Biological car cleaning is a deep and quality cleaning that removes germs, stains, odors, dust, mites, pet hair. It neutralizes sources of infection, renews the atmosphere of the interior and improves the health of people suffering from allergies. It should be performed, at least twice a year, considering the hours that you spend in your car every day.

The biological cleaning of the car is performed with a special cleaner, following an eco-friendly procedure, with the use of hypoallergenic cleaning products certified with ISO.

It includes:

  • Washing – drying of car interior
  • Cleaning floor, mats and carpet
  • Cleaning dashboard, doors and pillars
  • Cleaning the luggage compartment
  • Dashboard cleaning
  • Cleaning the safety belts

The biological cleaning service is completed with:

  • Special exterior wash
  • Use of cold wax
  • Care for interior plastics
  • Window wash with special liquid
  • Placing of fragrance on air conditioner

Benefit from the competitive price of this service. Your car becomes as good as new with only 60€ and 4 hours free parking.

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The Vehicle Washing & Biological Cleaning Service is available at the following car parks in our network:

Cityzen “Emmanouil Benaki”: 10 Emm. Benaki str., Athens City Center

Cityzen “Athens Tower”: 3-5 Ag. Andreou str., Athens

Cityzen Maroussi ”Aithrio”: 40 Ag. Konstantinou str., Maroussi

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