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Cityzen is identified for its tailor-made solutions and for its specialized and integrated proposals in the area of installation, also and in management of automated parking systems and equipment.

We are the exclusive importers and representatives of one of the leading German companies, DESIGNA, and we have innovative solutions tailored to your needs, setting new high standards of functionality and flexibility.

Our technicians have the appropriate training and diverse experience to handle various challenges during the initial design, implementation and support on various programs. They are always able to offer customized solutions, as to your requirement needs. Our services include the installation of the parking equipment, and the supply of spare parts and consumables.

Cityzen’ s parking management equipment provides:

  • Increase of revenue with the implementation of the automated (not manual) system
  •  Quality of services
  • Innovation
  • Reliability

Control Center

The modern equipment which is combined with the innovative and unique for the Greek standards Control Center offers to each of our clients’ 24-hour service at any car park, anywhere in Greece or abroad!
By this way of operation the customer feels sure that a qualified staff member is constantly by their side during the entire parking process.

The well-organized Control Center, operates with highly trained staff, which are always able to monitor effectively and to manage any customer request. For example, a simple case of a monthly customer who has forgotten his card or a transient customer who has lost their ticket.

Meanwhile, the implementation of monitoring the car park’s real time images of all data that are needed for the smooth and orderly operation of each area.

Besides the intercom system, customers can communicate with the Control Center via the 24/7 hotline. The Center has the ability to cross-check and then provide the best solution to any problem that arises.

Technical Support

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is how the technical department of Cityzen operates, providing preventive maintenance for the automatic parking system so we can guarantee the immediate resolution of technical problems that may arise.

This way, any consumer who trusts us automatically understands what priority means for us regarding immediate and integrated service.

Call now at 210 6085540 and discover the supreme quality & functionality our Parking Equipment!


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