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Monthly Parking Plan

Monthly Parking Plan
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Whether new or old, costing a fortune or not, our car is an investment that all of us want to be able to protect in the best possible way.

That’s why we offer monthly parking plans at the most competitive market prices!

By ensuring a covered parking space in a Cityzen car park near you, you no longer have the daily stress of finding a suitable parking space, you protect your car from the weather and any -unforeseen- environmental damage, while enjoying Cityzen’s services:

  • Unlimited, 24-hour use of the car park.
  • Automatic entry and exit control from the parking lot for increased vehicle safety.
  • Automatic shutters at the entrances of the parking lot for increased safety at night.
  • Use of entry-exit card; without it, it is impossible for a car to exit the parking premises.

Get the Monthly Parking Offer until 31/12:

Αsk for an offer now or let us know what you need by calling +30 213 0 600 000.