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Enjoy the unique parking experience only at Cityzen!

With zenParking, even if you have not prepaid for your parking, you can pay with the touch of a button and a 20% discount at the following parking areas:

Cityzen «Emmanouil Benaki»

Cityzen «Athens Towers»

Cityzen Maroussi «Aithrio»

Cityzen Maroussi «Kronos»

Cityzen Maroussi «Fragkokklisias»

Cityzen «Dikastiria Evelpidon»

Cityzen Ilissia «Michalakopoulou» 

Cityzen Volos Port Customs

Cityzen Thessaloniki Sykies

The procedure is simple:

  • Take a ticket upon entering the parking area
  • Before exiting pay through the Cityzen Parking & Services App, which you can download easily scanning the QR CODE that appears at the banner of the automated payment system.
  • Register at the Cityzen app and press the car icon, on the up-left side of the screen to see the charge in real time.

  • Pay through your smartphone, pressing the button ΕΧΙΤ AND PAYMENT, just before entering your car.
    Insert your the ticket at the terminal and the exit barrier opens automatically.

Download the application from App Store and Google Play