Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking
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The bicycle is a mean of transportation which is environmentally friendly since it does not produce exhaust gas and noise pollution. But it is also a way of life, which many of us adopt as a transportation medium or even exercise.

Covering the needs of the modern cyclist and anyone trying to adopt cycling as a lifestyle, we offer the bicycle parking service.

We offer specially designed seats for ultimate protection and support of your favorite medium to enjoy it whenever you want.

Find a safe parking space for your bike comfortably,  only at 5 € a month!

Available at:

Cityzen “Emmanouil Benaki”: 10 Emm. Benaki str., Athens City Center

Cityzen Maroussi ”Aithrio”: 40 Ag. Konstantinou str., Maroussi

Cityzen Maroussi ”Fragokklisias”: 2 Fragokklisias str., Maroussi

Cityzen Ilisia ”Michalakopoulou”: Michalakopoulou & Dimitressa 12 str., Ilisia

”Hilton Athens”: 2 – 4 Konstantinou Ventiri str., Athens

Cityzen Village Shopping & More: Thivon Ave & Parnassou str. 228, Rentis

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