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The  development of biological cleaning in Cityzens car wash services!

Cityzen has the new certified instrument that measures the microbial load of the car’s interior, before and after the biological wash. The results of the biological cleaning service are available to the driver, so he can check the level of disinfection of the interior of his car after the cleaning.

The decrease of the microbial load of the car’s cabin is done only in Cityzen, with proof.

·  Initially, the microbial load is recorded from various parts of the vehicle where high amounts of viruses and germs usually accumulate (steering wheel, gear lever, seat, baby seat).

 ·  Followed by the cleaning and disinfection of the car cabin and air conditioning ducts with special biodegradable materials and disinfectants approved by the Ethnic Organization of Pharmaceuticals. The Biological cleaning takes approximately 5 hours.

·  During each cleaning in Cityzens car wash, the car wash employee wears a disposable mask and gloves and takes all the appropriate protection measures, outlined by the  governing authorities for the correct treatment of the CoViD-19 virus.

·  After the biological car wash is completed, the microbial load is measured yet again. The results – guaranteed – will be impressive.

Choose the unique premium biological cleaning service and ensure an on-site monitoring of the process for the best and most efficient car cleaning, today, with 85€ and 4 hours free parking.

The service is provided only by a pre-booked appointment by email to or by phone at 213 0 600 000.

Earn a 20% DISCOUNT by booking your appointment and prepay through Cityzen Parking & Services App or through, with only 68€ and 4 hours free parking.

Available at:

Cityzen Athens Towers: 3-5 Ag. Andreou str.,Ampelokipoi

Cityzen Maroussi ”Aithrio”: 40 Ag. Konstantinou str., Maroussi