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Operation Of Car Parks

Operation Of Car Parks
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Our company provides high quality services by utilizing modern parking equipment. Specializing in the use of automated parking systems which offer you convenience and save time for both long term (monthly) and short term (transient) customers of the parking area.

Car park has its own needs. From the way of operation to the way it’s organized, our company has developed a variety of management models aiming to maximize the profitability of your day to day business.

Our success is based on our detailed planning. Initially, we register your customers’ needs and then, together, we define the operational goals of your car park. We then shape the management strategy, the audit process, the marketing plan and the efficiency of the car park, ensuring operational and commercial excellence.

This way, we can always say to each of our customers that “at Cityzen you come first”… as do the interests of your business!

Our business planning includes areas such as:

  • Personnel
    We select the staff for your business and make sure that they are properly trained. We also conduct specialized work programs, for each position ensuring that the best employees shall work in the best way for your business.
  • Cash & Revenue control
    We set up a program for all financial services that are required, this is based on your needs. Through the structured monitoring procedures and registry of revenues. We ensure that you have the complete control of the financial performance for your business.


  • Equipment Maintenance
    We define strict maintenance requirements for your equipment by ensuring a contract with the supplier of each system, which offers you the peace of mind that the performance and operation is excellent throughout the entire duration of usage.
  • Facility Maintenance
    We prepare and follow a specific maintenance protocol for all of the parking facilities, ensuring your customers the best experience of your available services and simultaneously optimize the performance of your business.
  • Supplies & Consumables
    We identify the supply needs in total to meet your equipment demands, consumables such as entry tickets and receipt rolls, offering to you the lowest prices so you are able to budget accurately your operating costs but also to reduce these costs significantly.
  • Marketing
    Our Marketing Department becomes YOUR Marketing Department! We conduct for you the necessary market research to determine what the demand is and what your competition is. We also prepare detailed pricing proposal. In addition, we design and implement promotional programs aimed at advertising the site and to attract new customers, reinforcing the competitiveness of your business and increasing revenue.
  • Renovation of Car Parks
    We prepare integrated studies and implement extensive renovations for car park, following the most modern standards of operation. By doing so, all cutting-edge services are available to be offered to your customers at affordable prices.
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