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ACS Smartpoint Lockers

ACS Smartpoint Lockers
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ACS Smartpoint Lockers

Here your package waits for you!

Now, you can easily collect your package from the following Cityzen parking stations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Cityzen Maroussi Kronos

Cityzen Emmanouil Benaki

Cityzen Dikastiria Evelpidon

Cityzen Ilissia Mihalakopoulou

Cityzen Athens Towers

What’s in for you?

You can visit the ACS Smartpoint Locker at the station of your choice with easy access, in your own time, without waiting for the courier at your place!

Just choose pick-up from the nearest ACS Smartpoint Locker during online check-out, or through the ACS message sent to you. With the possibility of secure payment at the Locker’s POS terminal (with Visa and Mastercard cards), but also with free updates on the tracking of your shipment (via Viber/sms and e-mail).

Find the nearest ACS Smartpoint Locker by clicking here.

Steps to receive shipment from ACS Smartpoint Locker

Step 1

Arrive at a Cityzen selected station. The ACS Smartpoint Locker is located either next to the parking area, or at the entrance-exit of the station or into the customer’s waiting area.

  1. Instructions for customers coming with a vehicle: When entering with your vehicle, you will normally get a ticket, which you can use to exit the station without a charge, within 10 minutes (which is the time limit of free stay in the parking area) . It is very important that your vehicle does not obstruct the smooth flow of other vehicles while you are inside the
  2. Instructions for pedestrian customers: If you wish to enter the parking area on foot, or collect your shipment without a vehicle during the evening hours, or when the gate is closed, you can press the “Information” button (located on the ticket machine at the entrance) and inform the employee that you wish to collect your shipment from the ACS Smartpoint Locker, in order to be allowed entry When you would like to exit the station, press the ‘Information’ button again (located on the ticket machine at the exit) and inform the employee that you wish to exit.

Step 2

On the ACS Smartpoint Locker screen, select “PICK UP YOUR ORDER”.

Step 3

Enter the shipment number that you have received via SMS or Viber message.

Step 4

Enter the 4-digit PIN that you have received via SMS or Viber.

Step 5

In case you have chosen the cash on delivery service, press “PAYMENT” on the relevant screen and swipe your card (Visa or Mastercard) at the POS terminal.

Step 6

Pick-up your shipment from the open locker’s cell and don’t forget to close it.