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Cityzen Volos Port Customs

Cityzen Volos Port Customs
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Cityzen Volos Port Customs

Volos is the third major commercial port of Greece and its geographic location provides a bridge between Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Volos’ port is being expanded and modernized and Cityzen Parking & Services becomes part of this process.

Cityzen proceeds with the modernization of the open-air parking area at Volos Port Customs and provides high quality services by utilizing modern and automated parking equipment and systems,  offering convenience and saving time for both long term (monthly) and short term (transient) customers of the parking area.

Cityzen Parking & Services, the #1 Parking Company in Greece, improves your parking experience, through the innovative e-parking services offered. Through or Cityzen Parking app, you can pre-book your parking space in just a few clicks and get a 20% discount!


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Volos Port, Customs Square Region, 38221

  • Operational Hours: 24×7
  • Available spaces: 209
  • Services: device recycling, car charging.

8 3 

  • Additional Services: Disable Parking, CTV


  • Height control: 4.50m

Contact: +30 213 0 600 000 ׀