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Skroutz Point – Smart Lockers Delivery

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At Cityzen parking areas you now can receive your order from Skroutz!
Skroutz has created the largest network of Smart lockers in Greece and Cityzen is an essential part of this.

Through the smart lockers network at Cityzen, you have:

  • Package tracking and online updates
  • Easy and quick package delivery 24/7

Step 1
Enter the parking area and ask the employee where to park your car to pick up your order from Skroutz.

Step 2
After the parking employee informs you where to park, then head to Skroutz pick up point.

Step 3

  • With your SMS from Skroutz, use this number combination (which is the pin) to open the smart locker.
  • Insert the SMS combination on the pinpad and then press enter. The smart locker shall then open automatically
  • Pick up the package from the smart locker and ensure that you close the smart locker properly so that it can be used for the next customer.


The service is available at:

For further information, contact with Skroutz at 2111982107.