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Four new access points in the Attica region are now part of the FORTIZO network and are now available for all electric car users.

Two of these new access points can be found in the Athens area, Cityzen Parking “Athens Towers” in the Abelokipoi area and at Cityzen Parking “Courts Evelpidon” in the Kypseli area. The remaining two are in the Marousi area at Cityzen Parking “Aithrio” and at Cityzen Parking “Fragkoklissias”.

Access to the recharging areas is available to all users of electric vehicles that wish to combine parking & charging at Cityzen Parking & Services, which meet both our safety and quality standards. The charging stations are available for both FORTIZO Network subscribers and FORTIZO Card holders; also, any parking users can use these stations. These users can gain access through the app that enables real-time booking, activation, and monitoring of the charging session.

The charging areas, which have been recently installed at Cityzen Parking is alternative current (AC), maximum power of 22kw socket type 2 which meet all of the requirements for public recharging stations.

In the upcoming near future and until the of the year, new charging points for electric vehicles shall be added to the FORTIZO Network and in the Cityzen Parking areas, this way contributing and promoting electric mobility and sustainable urban mobility.